40 Best Farmhouse Floors

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Natural wood floor is beautiful. You can not find a more comfortable floor than natural wood floors that provide elegance and comfort and enhance the value of your home. You must carefully select the natural wood floors and lay them correctly so that less maintenance costs are incurred. Maintenance costs depend mainly on the type of installation you have selected and how professional the installation was. If the installation is not performed properly, this will lead to many maintenance issues later.

installation process

Natural wood floors require the best kind of installation so that they are maintenance-free. There are different ways to lay wooden floors. You can glue the wooden boards with nails or staples on the ground or glue the individual boards. You can also choose to work without glue. This is the latest innovation achieved by interlocking planks without the use of glue. However, you should make sure that professional work is carried out during laying, as a bad lock can later lead to gaps in the floor.

When we use the floor, air begins to get between the floor boards and slowly loosen the boards. There are gaps between the planks, which makes it look ugly. It is also dangerous for the user, as these gaps between the floorboards can damage the clothes. Fingers can get stuck between these gaps in the ground. Another DIY floor mounting method is floating floors that sit over the subfloor through wood glue. They are not attached to the ground, but sit with the help of wood glue between the planks above.

Care of natural wood floors

Natural wood floors require your time and commitment to look after them. They need to be sanded, waxed and polished regularly to make them look new and fresh despite the modern advances that have reduced the wear of wood floors. Due to the urethane protection, the wooden floors are scratch, stain and moisture resistant. However, this does not release anyone from the care of natural wood floors. The more care you take, the more life you will get. Technological progress significantly reduces maintenance. You should take care not to wet or wipe the natural wood floor and to keep the floor clean with vacuum cleaners or soft bristles. When using chairs and tables, it is best to use protection so as not to damage the floor.


It is best to choose the correct installation after careful consideration to reduce maintenance. Also follow the manufacturer's instructions to reduce maintenance costs.