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Carpets are a great addition to the home / apartment because they are a great contrast to the house or apartment, depending on the type of carpet. The same feature, in which the contrast of the house is controlled only by changing the fabric on the floor, makes the purchase of a carpet a viable option. Apart from that, the carpets offer additional benefits such as hiding dirt, improving comfort through a soft feel, insulation from cold and impact protection, especially for children.

Here is a list of different types of rugs you should consider buying carpets.

Types are carpet

Buying carpets is a great option for the home and that's why you have to understand the different types of carpets that exist. The three main categories are Flor (where the machine-woven / handmade yarns are cut), Flor (the yarns are not cut), and Flor. Each of these gives the carpet a unique texture. In terms of advantages and disadvantages, there is no winner here. This is more a preference for how you prefer it. Within these categories they are further categorized, but these are the three main categories to consider.


There is a certain idea that should be considered before buying carpets when they are hanging on the wall or on the floor. The carpets are available in different fibers such as wool, cotton, nylon etc. Around 90% of US homes with rugs have opted for synthetic nylon rugs. Other plastics than nylon are polyester and polypropylene. The big burden for the plastics is the price. The synthetic carpets cost between 5 USD and a maximum of 50 USD per square meter. The main reason for this is that the synthetic fiber carpets are usually made by machine, but the wool carpets are usually made by man. This range is from 45 to 100 US dollars per square meter.

Patterns and colors

The carpets are available in different patterns and colors. The type of colors and patterns is an important point to consider when buying carpets, as they may depend on the presence of children and pets. The synthetic ones are again a favorite, as they are dyed in synthetic dyes that are dirt-repellent and do not bleed too much when wet. The synthetic fibers are also available in various patterns and can be used both outdoors and indoors. Woolen fabrics are primarily intended for indoor use and are usually dyed in natural colors, making care a messy business. Also, it may not be safe when children and pets are nearby.


The last important consideration for buying rugs is the size of the rug. You have to decide if the carpets are for the floors or the walls of the apartment. If they are to be used in one or more rooms or in a small area. The various dimensions available here are room carpets (covers the entire room area), surface carpets (specific area size required) and carpet runners (long narrow carpets for stairs).